Multi-Functional Digital Fault Recorder

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The BlackBox G5DFR is a fully featured digital fault recorder embedded with PQZIP technology. The G5DFR  is a distributed multi-functional data acquisition device that continuously records all waveform signals at sampling rate of 1,024 samples per cycle.

Multi-functional Recorder

  • Digital Fault Recorder (DFR)
  • Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)
  • Power Quality Monitoring (PQM)
  • Sequence of Event Recording (SER)
  • Dynamic System Monitoring (DSM)
  • Impedance based Fault Location (IbFL)
  • Energy Billing Measurement (EBM)
  • Impedance Distance to Fault Location (IDFL)

Unique Features

  • 24-Bit Continuous acquisition at 1,024 sample per cycle[50/60Hz]
  • Modular Design
  • Centralized and decentralized architecture
  • Supreme synchronization
  • Complies with IEC 61850 MMS, GOOSE messaging and sample value
  • Comprehensive web interface
  • 7” touch LCD
  • Scalable architecture

Continous Waveform Recordings

the G5DFR is a multi-functional recorder able to record and store all electrical waveform at any given time, for more than a year, with no gaps in the data. RMS, harmonics and any other values from waveform in post-processing are calculated, including the tabulation of more than 10,000 parameters.


Supreme Trends Resolution

The G5DFR measures and records 5,000 power parameters continuously at a resolution of ½ cycles, 10/12 cycles, 150/180 cycles, 10 min and 2 hours of which, any given resolution is calculated for display and reporting purposes. Hence, there is no need to select which parameters to log, and more importantly, which parameters to ignore.

5 K Parameters icon
power quality harmonics chart

Harmonics & Inter-Harmonics Analysis

The G5DFR power quality analyzer boosts two FFT engines for harmonics analysis: Cycle by Cycle: performs FFT at 1 cycle resolution for extended bandwidth. This engine provides 512 harmonics order at 50Hz resolution. 10/12 Cycles: performs FFT 10/12 cycles resolution for extended resolution and sub-grouping calculation. This engine provides the magnitude and angle of 512 spectrum components at 5Hz resolution.

Comprehensive Event Mechanism

The G5DFR analyzer is designed to detect any event occurring on your system. The event mechanism allows you to configure events on any measured parameter (more than 1,000) and/or I/O ports. The event mechanism supports out-of-limit events as well as rate of changed limits. The G5DFR records the waveform signals continuously. The event configuration doesn’t trigger the recording but rather stores summary logs including start and end time, duration, severity and magnitude of the event. All events are displayed in a tabular or scatter charts as CBEME/ITIC.

Phasor Measurement Unit

Complies with the most updated standard for synchrophasor measurements of power systems IEEE C37.118-2011, including the amendment IEEE C37.118.1a-2014.

Two independent synchrophasor data streams enable to report a synchrophasor data with two different report-rates and/or different performance classes (P/M) and/or data type simultaneously.

Ultra-fast report rate for both P & M classes:

Performance Class Max report rate for 50Hz Max report rate for 60Hz
P 200/sec 240/sec
M 100/sec 120/sec

Support for simultaneous synchrophasor data stream over TCP/IP and UDP/IP. It can be configured for unicast or multicast, enabling a better design of WAMS communication and suitable for WAMS with several utilities or applications involved.


Data Acquisition

Sampling Rate, Maximum Samples/Cycle 256/512/1,024
Digital & Aux Channels Sampling Rate Samples/Cycle 128
Type of Analog to Digital Converter 24 Bit


Dimensions [W X H X D] 21.5 x 22.1 x 29.1 cm (8.48” x 8.7” x 11.45”)

Frequency Measurement

Fundamental Frequency 37 – 70Hz
Frequency Resolution 1mHz
Frequency accuracy ±1mHz

Phasor Measurement Unit / Synchrophasor

Applicable Standard IEEE C37.118 – 2011/2014
M Class transmission Max rate 100/sec for 50Hz, 120/sec for 60Hz
P Class Transmission rate 200/sec for 50Hz, 240/sec for 60Hz

Communication ports (Rear Panel )

SFP Ports (100/1,000MB/s) 2
Serial Ports 1

Communication ports (Front Panel )

Ethernet Port (10/100MB/s) 1
Serial 1

Communication Protocols

IEC 61850 MMS, GOOSE, Sample Value

Power Supply

Main 85 – 264 VAC @50/60 Hz or
120-370 VDC
Aux 24VDC

Time Synchronization

Internal Real Time Clock 20PPM
GPS 0.5μsec
IRIG B 0.5 μsec
NTP 100 μsec

Environmental Conditions

Operation Temperature -20C to 70C (-40F to 1580F)
Storage Temperature – 40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)

Human Machine Interface

Built in 7” 1MP LCD. Additional comprehensive web server for local and remote real-time monitoring, historical data analysis and control.


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