PQSCADA Sapphire Server Enterprise Edition


PQSCADA Sapphire sets new standards for power monitoring management software. This unique feature enables the gathering and analysis of all field generated data on a central software solution, regardless of IED manufacturer. PQSCADA Sapphire is an expandable platform – further capabilities can be easily added later with add-ons, or developed independently through the use of API to meet your custom needs and applications.

Connection to Elspec devices

Connection to none Elspec Devices

Concurrent Users

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Multi-vendor support

PQSCADA Sapphire acquires, processes and stores recorded data from any recording device through a variety of communication protocols and file formats. PQSCADA Sapphire simplifies your IT environment by eliminating the need to purchase, install, train users and maintain multiple systems.

Power Quality Data Visualization

  • Trend chart: View electrical parameters for a selected time range as one or more graphs
  • Grid chart: View selected parameters for selected time range in a table.
  • Spectrum chart: View selected parameters for selected time range in a column graph. This allows viewing and investigating frequency domain phenomenon.
  • Event chart: View system, power quality, I/O and custom events in a table for a selected time range. This table provides valuable information regarding occurrence, duration and severity of those events.
  • Statistics chart: View selected parameters for a selected time range. It shows two sub charts: a “relative chart”and a “cumulative chart”.
  • Scatter Parameter chart: View selected parameters for a selected time range. It allows reviewing scattered dots of a specific parameter in relation to another parameter.
  • Scatter Event chart: View events for a selected time range according to standards or custom definition (such as CBEMA) Phasor chart: View the phasor’s amplitude and angle for a selected time range.
  • Cyclic Histogram chart: View overlaid voltage waveform cycles for a selected time range. It is made possible thanks to the unique continuous recording mechanism of Elspec BlackBox analyzers. The histogram shows the deviation from the expected ideal waveform by overlaying the waveforms.
  • Summary chart: View parameters for a selected time range. This chart displays the minimum, maximum and average value of each parameter.

Power Quality Analysis

The power Quality module display at first sight the status of the entire network or particular measurement points for a chosen span of time. The power quality conditions are configurable and can be suitable for any grid code. Various compliance conditions can target a specific measurement point for comparison. An extensive report, situated on the power quality compliance conditions, can be conveniently formed from the power quality module.


Connect straightly to any BlackBox device to view actual time info and machine configuration. Connect the App to PQSCADA Sapphire enterprise server to view actual time data, event notification and system alerts. The app will alert any power quality case or system malfunction with push notifications. View all connected devices on a live geographical map. RMS, THD, Powers and Harmonics actual time data display in a tabular vision. Display actual time phase angle and amplitude values on a vector diagram. Display detailed data, chart and report for Dip, swell, interruption, RVC and transient events. Display actual time values of voltage and current harmonics, up-to the 20th harmonics. Receive Live Event Notifications with actual Time View. Receive a display of all measurement points on a live geographical map with actual time information and routine updates. In addition to the live map, there are 3 widgets which are available for presentation of the electrical network’s status.

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